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Versuri A heart in new york

(Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle) New York, to that tall skyline I come, flyin' in from London to your door New York, lookin' down on Central Park Where they say you should not wander after dark New York, like a scene from all those movies But you're real enough to me, but there's a heart A heart that lives in New York A heart in New York, a rose on the street I write my song to that city heartbeat A heart in New York, a love in her eye, an open door and a friend for the night New York, you got money on your mind And my words won't make a dime's worth a difference, so here's to you New York New York, now my plane is touching down muzica straina mp3 Art Garfunkel versuri cuvinte cuvinte. Album mp3 descarca versuri album versurile cuvinte A heart in new york versurile melodiei

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