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There I was, lying down, smoking grass Feeling sexy in the sun, just tanning my buns in the sun Untill it begun - playing with myself Out in the sun I was pretty far out as I started to shout When a dildo from Mars, swinging from a cloud Came rushing down, landing on the ground I was freaking out They were ugly little mean horny sexmachines In their dildo ship they looked really hip and cool But I'm no fool, they showed their tools ..... Hahahahahaa Out in space they're a sexy race But aliens are not my piece of cake Android sex and little dicks Martians don't give me no kicks There's just no kick with a little dick

Versuri asculta Deep Sexy Space cuvinte Lords Of Acid ultima melodie muzica straina. cuvinte ultima melodie versuri album asculta descarca descarca.

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