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Versuri Crown Of Laffs

I had a vision of the corrupt man The clouds were parting and the sky was cyan Turned out the man looked 'cause my wheels were warm I'm shifting down, the lights are turning I just can't begin with an open hand I started talking to the man of brass I said Hey cop could you take your foot off my face? And in his eyes I was just like him I guess I was only dreaming again She makes me feel like I'm the king of the road, And I need you to ride beside me.... Someone take this Crown against my head And babe, you'll play the King, cuz I'll be dead I'll just take this Crown of Laffs from my head Cuz babe I just can't end with an open hand

Descarca album mp3 cuvinte cuvinte cuvinte mp3. Versuri muzica straina versuri Urge Overkill melodia asculta Crown Of Laffs.

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