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The heart of the ocean told me, you're the only one You're like a rose in the snow, and you need the sun And my heart is crying, when your love is dieing What have I got to do And I'm tossing and turning, my heart is burning We're more than two Refrain: You're my cosmic girl, you are in my mind And a girl like you, is so hard to find You're my cosmic girl, from rainbow two And to hell and back, I will go for you Oh cosmic girl come hear my heart I'll never try to break apart Oh cosmic girl, give me some time I swear you're always on my mind You are like the sunshine and I kiss away the rain I tell you I miss you baby can't we be friends Let's stay together, here and forever It's good for me, good for you The heart of the ocean, is always in motion What can I do?

Muzica straina cantece asculta Cosmic Girl Dance Modern Talking melodiei. Melodiei versuri cuvintele asculta cuvintele versuri.

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