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You are so far - mmmm Oh like the star - mmm Oh I feel inside - I miss you tonight Do anything to make your mine A lonely night - mmm The Stars shine bright - mmm I have an idea, to have you near Here just by my side Refrain Send me a little SMS to my heart Send me a little SMS like I do Oh baby I will never tearing apart Cause my heart, is missing you Send me an S, send me an M Send me an SMS to my heart Send me an S, send me an M Send me an SMS and we try a start Hey little girl, mmm It's a lonely world, mmm Hear my SOS, babe I confess Cannot live without your love I'm lost in space - mmm Wanna see your face - mmm Where ever you be, send some words to me Send a message to my heart muzica versurile versurile. Melodia cuvintele piesa piesa album versuri muzica straina descarca album mp3 Modern Talking Dance Sms to my heart album versuri ultima melodie.

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