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Oh I?m looking on the same old star I?ll be there fot you - but you?re so far Please come back to me - I can?t love a memory You?re the nearest thing to heaven girl Baby just for you, I?ll fly around the world Oh everything I?ll do, I do just for you My sexy, sexy lover, oh tell me there?s no other There?s no other, oh deep in your heart My sexy, sexy lover, I wanna be your cover There?s no other, who?s breaking apart Oh my sexy little lover, swear there is no other I?ll feel alone, when I?m coming home Oh, my sexy little lover, tell me there?s no other When I?m down, need you all around I?m not a man, who wants to be alone I can?t love you at the telephone Oh baby you and I, we?re flying one mile high Oh nobody knows, how I feel tonight I would die for you, if you?re by my side More than you will know, oh babe my love will grow

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