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Versuri Come Bite The Apple

how did i get here WHAT SONG DID I SING just what have i done to deserve such a thing (you say- i've heard all that before) (so won't you give it up and stop using me) (i've heard all that before) so bring me an apple, i'm cryin' i been persecuted, like a lying man the SPIRIT provides me it's what i am today this spirit it gives but it also can take away (and you say- i've heard this all before) (so won't you give it up baby and stop using me) (i've heard this all before) so come bite the APPLE, i'm run down like sodom to gommorah, all dead now so please stop to laugh and pity me my soul means well but i'm sorry my skin it is weathered and i'm nervous my future was in my hands till i washed it all away get along little sister- i heard you're doing well... doing well...said get along little sister. heard you're doing well etc....bla,, bla, bla...

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