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Versuri Holy Roller

Oooh baby gotta put me back together I need your smooth dog lovin' oh, yeah And so I'm sending off the little monster Gonna turn it up inside your head Do you believe? Holy Roller Like a holy roller Like a holy roller In my head I said you loin queen parader I'm gonna get you down on all fours And then you gotta show me what you're made of - little darling I'll meet you child - by the backdoor babe Like a holy roller Like a holy roller To my head The love-bone breakdown. That's right. All right you people. See I, see I got somethin' to say to you people out there. You gotta listen to me people, you gotta listen to me. Yeeeeeah, the lord's comin' down people. Yeeeeeah he's gonna take ya whole, he's gonna eat ya whole people. Like a big grizzly bahr comin' out of the closet and eat ya whole. Ya see the lord's gonna come and get ya people and ya gotta beware because the Mother Love Bone camp knows what to do about it. Ya see I been around I seen a lotta long haired freaks in my day, but those boys in Mother Love Bone I'll tell ya they know what's right for ya. Ya know they're like Malt-O-Meal for ya, they're good for ya. They're like soup, they're like nothing bad, let me tell ya that much. I tell ya people, the lord's comin', and if you don't believe, and if you don't believe in what I can convey to ya, I tell ya people: Love rock awaits ya people. Yeeeah lo and behold, lo and behold... Holy Roller Like a holy roller To my head

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