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crazy, crazy, i'm the boy who defies all lift me higher than anyone and hold my arms woman, woman, she outta mind and simply out of soul she gets me higher than anyone i miss her so stargazer you call the shots and i take um stargazer won't ya kick with me (again) dancer, dancer, i'm all wrong she thinks she's young and wise she dance around my cable car and fix me up with a guy- why? chorus stargazer you cry in blue anything i've ever seen ain't as good as you i'm not trying to push your feelings (inside) but i know you hold me like a putty in yo' hands cry for me and rub it in cry for the saviors and the prophets son dream of me and julie ann oh xana come back again (repeat last two lines)

Muzica versurile cuvinte piesa StarGazer versuri mp3 muzica straina ultima melodie descarca. Cantece Mother Love Bone descarca cantece versuri piesa.

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