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Can We Lyrics Verse 1 Let me tell you the (truth) I may not be where you want me (true) I may not have all the money (true) But you cannot say that my love ain't (true) 'Cause you know that it's all about you now Sometimes I trip and be buggin' (true) Then turn right around and want lovin' (true) So understand me and what I'm wanting (true) Feelings for me comin' from you now B-section Baby You know I love you so We can't let go never know So I want to stay right here Stay here with you So Chorus (Can we) Can we figure it out? Can we talk it out? Can we work it out? (Can we) Can make it true? Can we show and prove? Can we make it through? (Repeat) Verse 2 Now it's (true) Sometimes it's hard just to love me (true) And I say some things that ain't really (true) But that don't mean what I say ain't (true) When I say that I do love you (true) I've said this before but this time it's (true) 'Cause I cannot lose the one thing that's (true) 'Cause I look at you and I see a (true) Story about me and you B-Section Bridge Baby I know that we're going through But if you put your trust n me I will please you And baby I'm trying to show you I do I need you right here next to me So baby don't ever leave Oh baby I love you Oh please let me show you I can be the one that you need Baby if you stay here with me

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