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Apart Lyrics Chorus: I never do anything that pleases you So maybe we are better off apart I don't wanna argue anymore So maybe we are better off apart Verse 1: You used to spend time with me You would never leave But now the time you used to give You spend with your friends Lately i've been feeling like you're taking me for granted You do not appreciate anything i do B section: That is why i'm leaving you Sorry cannot fix it You'll regret everything You'll be looking for me You never listen to me You never really loved me I've done everything i could You did not meet me half way, why Chorus Verse 2 You always have something to say You're always complaining When things do not go your way Then you want to leave Well i have had more than enough I am sick of talkin' You do not appreciate me Anything i do,no B section Chorus Bridge Well i tried and tried Well you lied, i cried So i'm saying goodbye No more,no more Chorus out

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