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Versuri All In Me

All In Me Lyrics Verse 1 There's so much going on You can think of me When your hope is gone You can think of me To get through anything You can think of me I'm here as long as you need me When nothing seems to work You can think of me Your heart is on a search Let it come to me I'll make it all reverse When you think of me Baby you can see new life through me Chorus Let me be the reason you get through the day Know that I'll make everything ok Think of me baby in anyway I'll be all you need Let me be the one you turn to when there's pain Baby I will take it all away Hide in me, I'll be your secret place 'Cause it's all in me Verse 2 When it seems no one loves You can count on me When pain is all too much You can count on me Need someone to trust You can count on me I'm here as long as you need me When you see brighter days Know that it was me Tears are wiped away Don't guess that it was me When you realize your pain Was suffered too by me Then you know the love in me Chorus(x1) Bridge 4...3...4..3..2..step anything you could ever need baby i promise you can find in me dont matter if its a hope or dream i promise i can make it a reality nothing ever to much for you anything thats possible i would do to make it all so clear to you that my love for you is more than true(x2) everyday, every night break of dawn air of night come to me ill make it right if you let me its all in me(x2) chorus(x3)

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