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Colors of the sun Flashing on the water top Echo on the land Picking for a coin Many other tiny worlds Singing past my hand Awake to understand you are not dreaming It is not seaming just to be this way Dying men draw numbers in the air Dream to conquer little bits of time Scuffle with the crowd to get their share And fall behind their little bits of time Voices in the air Sympathetic harmony Coming from the trees Hanging at my door Many shiny surfaces Clinging in the breeze Oh, leave me where I am I am not losing If I am choosing not to plan my life Disillusioned savior search the sky Wanting to just to show someone the way Asking all the people passing by Doesn't anybody want the way I say goodbye to Joseph and Maria They think I see another sky And from my fallen window I still see them I'll never free them from the sky

Jackson Browne versurile piesa cuvintele mp3. Versurile versuri ultima melodie cuvintele asculta versuri ultima melodie COLORS OF THE SUN muzica straina.

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