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Downtown people gotta work a little harder working downtown Downtown they got to think a little quicker 'cause they're downtown Downtown the breaks are harder Downtown the thieves are smarter I've got this place I'm renting It cost me next to nothing downtown Nobody comes around telling me I gotta turn the sound down Broadway -- down on the corner The bible screamer, the plasma donor Buses, carhorns, ghetto blasters The shouts and cries of the human disasters It's all music It's all music Downtown It's all music It's all music I feel alright when I'm downtown My feet are light when I'm downtown I cast my hopes on the human tide I place my bet and let it ride I'm open wide when I'm downtown Downtown there's every kind of people walkin' round downtown Downtown there's every language, every human sound downtown Downtown the nights are longer Downtown the sights are stronger Downtown wandering all around downtown It's all music Eight blocks south of city hall The rats run free and the winos crawl Darkness falls on the vast machine Where the future stalks the American dream I feel alright when I'm downtown My head feels light when I'm downtown It's all in sight when I'm downtown I feel alright when I'm downtown

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