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My head is in the forest And I'm thinking about you The mist is pulling lightly on the timber My thoughts are of the forest And I'm sure I'm not in view Of anyone but the dragon And the prince of song I cannot see the daytime For my head is in the night The fog is gently swaying on the moor now I hardly know the difference >From the dark into the light Since I was with the dragon It's been far too long My feet can't keep my thoughts >From running out on me this time The haze is passing fully 'cross the skyline Where's the girl to hold me To the boundaries of my mind Princess with bag of crystal That's where I belong Now will my head stay with the night And watch the chance I take All the dew has gathered on the heather Will I go to sleep again Or will I stay awake Let me linger with the dragon And the prince of song

Descarca album cuvinte muzica versuri melodiei Jackson Browne. Ultima melodie melodiei melodia piesa versuri cuvinte TIME TRAVEL FANTASY piesa muzica straina cuvintele versurile.

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