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Lying next to you in the dark Listening to your pounding heart The sheets are tangled around your waist I watch the dream moving on your face Feel you shake, hear your cries Running in the dark trying to open your eyes Come on baby, wake up I've followed you across the days and years Been there for the thrills and the tears Chasing you from state to state Waking, dreaming, I try to relate Why should I be somebody you fear When you're asleep and I'm so near? Don't even know why I'm in your dreams I got control over none of these things Morning comes, hard and bright And I'm exhausted from running after you all night Chasing you into the light Yeah I've been reaching for you baby As if I could reach you when you dream at night But I never can quite I ain't lying here awake by myself You better wake up There's something I want to talk to you about You better wake up I love you girl, tell the world I do There's nothing I wouldn't do for you I want to rescue you like you rescued me From a life of doubt and uncertainty That's why I'm chasing you Chasing you into the light Go for a walk on the pier with me baby Now as the dawn comes over the night Watching the stars in the sky disappear maybe You'll find a way to let go of your fright The sea is deep, the world is wide Ships are leaving for the other side This whole city will be waking soon And in the east Clouds are strung out behind the moon Chasing her into the light Wake up

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