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Blowing Up Your Mind Lords of Acid Hey acid-head, what's goin' on It's Saturday night - you'll be up till dawn So put on your make-up babe and shave those legs Are you wearing your silk stockings tonight? How about a hat? What's that white stuff sticking under your nose Is it powder or is it pure coke What's the matter you look so confused I suppose it's all part of the drugs you use Your lipstick shines it's red like blood I can see paranoia creeping up your butt Your wig looks old but you just don't care With your high heeled shoes you got so much flair Blowing up your mind Blowing up your mind Blowing up your mind Yes you're blowing up your mind Hey acid-head, what's in your purse You got so many pills you could be a nurse You drink too much and you act like a pig If i did all that I'd be feeling real sick But the night is young and you're flying high You dance with the devil, unaffraid to die You never say no when given a gram White stuff - sniff it up you don't give a damn You're all screwed up but you say that you're fine You sleep with the devil when you're blowning your mind You dance all night in your lowcut dress Your brain is buzzin' you're such a mess Blowing up your mind............ cuvinte versuri. cuvintele muzica Lords Of Acid Blowing Up Your Mind versuri muzica muzica straina.

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