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Versuri Blow By Blow

Dave Stewart, Olle Ormo, and Brian Harrison From the darkness of the ocean There's a wind that comes your way When a hurricane is blowing And there's nothing you can say The world may turn against you But life will take its course Like the storm that pours upon you And hides none of its force I wanna hear your name But you can get no answers And you feel no pain And the strangest felling It's coming around again Blowing in like thunder And it's coming low You gotta keep your head down And take it blow by blow There's an image in the distance In the rain that hides the sea And you strain your eyes to see it Yet it's coming through to me It's a face that's fair with beauty And a heart that's full of praise But it's fading as the dawn breaks Now it's vanished in the haze I wanna hear your name

Ultima melodie ultima melodie muzica straina John Farnham. Album versuri mp3 cuvintele versuri descarca asculta descarca descarca descarca Blow By Blow.

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