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Versuri A Touch Of Paradise

Ross Wilson, and G Smith Flamingos walk, and sway in peace Seeing this, it makes my troubles cease The sun is hiding, leaving a pink scar That stretches right across the sky That's all we've seen so far And all I do is look into your eyes For that special touch of paradise Just a touch, a touch of paradise Just a special touch of paradise You hold my hand, that's when we kiss And it doesn't take long no, until I get the gist Of this love that stretches out across the land Where rainbows flash, as we're walking in the sand And all I do is look into your eyes A touch of spring, and autumn sweet Well the trees vibrate when our eyes meet And I think of all the love that we have been making You touch my hand and I walk off shaking And all I do is look into your eyes

Muzica cuvintele cuvintele cuvintele melodia John Farnham ultima melodie versuri cuvinte versurile versuri. A Touch Of Paradise cantece melodiei muzica straina.

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