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My Day Starts Off The Same It Looks Like It Might Rain But I Will Not Complain Cause I Can See The Sun I Say My Little Prayers Running Down The Stairs The Streets Are Going Nowhere But I Don't Care Cause This Day Is Beautiful Nothing's Gonna Get Me Down It's No Ordinary World When You're Here With Me I Take The Time To Smile I Have The Space To Breathe It's No Ordinary World When You Walk With Me I See Inside My Dreams Every Diamond Every Pearl It's No Ordinary World Everybody's Got A Dream Every Thought And Every Scheme And All The Spaces In Between To See The Clouds But I Won't Give It Too Much Time To Get Inside My Mind Cause All That Really Matters Is Here And Now When Your Laying Close To Me (When Your Bodies Close To Me) Your All The Joy I Need Your Hand In Mine No Reason To Take Our Time Surrender To Love Like Good Religion

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