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Versuri Blessed Be Thy Hate

Enriched with crimson shades of pain the river runs dry Full of painfull memories of happiness - together we fly And I curse you death - cold flesh of ice I see your beauty through a halo of flies Oh God prevent my fall Oh God inside my soul, Allah ! The night falls upon my wretched self And he who hath forsaken the giver of my purity And so I never cry, the night falls upon my dying eyes There's no power source left to me, and so like this I lie In this barren castle I can't find any tears My fear takes hold, I flow onto the mold Sinfull souls, dark with fire Burn freeze cold with desire Heavens start to cry Crawl for me, beg for me To hear your cries Why it seems like a life that dies ? Silently I watch you die And see you cry The tears of hope denied They are falling but never from my eyes

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