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Versuri The Truth Within

Fons et origo boni ple luxque perenis Salvificet pietas tua nos bone rector, eleison The golden wine flows through my veins I know the meaning behind the holy words A lesson must be learned - so listen all Let your heart rule or we all must fall We cry out for help, a prayer for your soul When you will know the end is near, you will faster crawl The whole body withdraws with the pain of birth And once again I know the true meaning of life Once again I know that looking through their eyes ... As they came with their love... I know the truth of life and it lies before my eyes The truth lies within you know The truth lies within the holy words

Album cantece muzica straina Orphaned Land cuvintele cuvinte descarca piesa cuvinte muzica. Versuri versuri mp3 versurile The Truth Within.

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