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And I see that slowly your tears are drying And I see an ocean made by your crying And the ocean that's within... And I see misery to forget it I must And all of the memories are lost And the ocean is here within me Flows on like an ever tear In us all there are two separate sides That which is evil and that which is good Some people live by one side and others by the second Both of them have a little bit of the other But it must remain clear that the two depend on each other Remember, evil is a part of the good and not the opposite There is no sadness without joy and there is no joy without pain There is no holy without impure and there can be no blasphemy without holyness, Thus the two sides must live in harmony Unbalanced forever the evil urge brought lots of pain It is so hard to defeat it The evil urge sometimes arrives with heavy boots And sometimes in gentle cat's steps And even through blessed deeds it can drive you into deeds of wrong A here is the one which concurs his urge And so we must wonder what shall be the faith of the man who destroys one and embraces the other... The storm still rages...

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