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Billy Dee was seventeen when he turned twenty-one fooling with some foolish things he could've left alone but he had to try to satisfy a thirst he couldn't name driven towards the darkness by the devil in his veins all around the honky tonks, searching for a sign gettin' by on gettin' high on women, words and wine some folks called him crazy, Lord, and others called him free but we just called us lucky for the love of Billy Dee Busy goin' his own way and speakin' his own words facin' and forgettin' every warnin' that he heard makin' friends and takin' any crazy chance he could gettin' busted for the bad times and believin' in the good Billy took a beatin' from a world he meant no harm the score was written in the scars up on his arm some felt he was payin' for the life he tried to lead but all we felt was sorry for our good friend Billy Dee It may be his soul was bigger than a body's oughta be singin' songs and bringin' laughter to the likes of you and me cause the world he saw was sadder than the one he hoped to find but it wasn't near as lonesome as the one he left behind yesterday they found him on the floor of his hotel reachin' towards the needle, Lord, that drove him down to hell some folks called it suicide, others blame the speed but we all called it crucified when Billy Dee O.D.'d piesa cuvinte ultima melodie Billy Dee cuvintele muzica. Muzica straina versuri asculta versuri piesa Kris Kristofferson melodia descarca

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