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Versuri Between Heaven And Here

You got your reasons to choose not to ever believe me (believe me) maybe life done you so dirty you'll never be free. Look what you're doing to someone who surreally loves you. Is that the lonesome old way you wanted to be ? (I didn't think so) Partner, I know, we could be soul to soul if we want to. Oh, ain't it worth it, there's so little lovin' today. Wastin' our feelings on something when so little matters. Think of the time and the chances we're throwing away. Chorus: We can do better than this we can go for the glory ! I hope to God we can handle the worst of our fears ! Then if you will if you're up to the thrill of a lifetime maybe we'll tear down the walls between heaven and here. Maybe the secret is making believe when it matters maybe just keeping it simple and close to the heart. Love is so easy to make and so easy to shatter. We can be stronger together or tear it apart.

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