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Versuri Baby love

Baby love My baby love I need you Oh, how I need you But all you do is treat me bad Break my heart and leave me sad Tell me what did I do wrong To make you stay away so long 'Cause baby love My baby love Been missing you Miss kissing you Instead of breaking up Let's have some kissin' and makin' up Don't throw our love away In my arms you're gonna stay. Need you, need you Oooh, baby love. Baby love My baby love Why must we separate, my love, All of my whole life through Never loved no one but you. Why d'you do me like you do. I got this need Need to hold you once again, my love, Feel your warm embrace, my love Don't throw our love away Please don't do me this way Not happy like I used to be Loneliness has got the best of me. My love, My baby love I need you Oh, how I need you Why d'you do me like you do After I been true to you So deep in love with you Baby, baby, baby...

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