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Adios mi Corazon Iberia Adios mi Corazon adios Adios, adios Iberia Adios, adios Iberia Adios my Pablo You know how much we'll miss you when you finally leave us Vaya con Dios Over the water came a brother driven mad Puttin' forth a heathen horde on his people To blacken human spirit'll make the devil glad -- glad Things like that will make the devil glad Make the devil so glad You fight your brother Tryin' t' fight your brother drives you mad And madness blinds you Pablo Mi Pais, mi Catalonia -- When? When you comin' home? When you comin' home? Well, my heart is near home ever home None play our music None paint our pictures None make our spirit glow My body's leaving but not me Your face we will see On the day that we're free So go -- Pablo When danger threatens I must flee The darkness comes with a roll of the drums Dark! Dark! All the people work Yet there is no pay No pay -- low pay All the people work Yet the children hunger on, Pablo Hear me say Madre, mi Madre The everlasting light of art Will ever shine As long as I'm away from home The devil strikes without warning Turn life's wheel aroun' Black is white, wrong is right, up is down Life is heavy 'neath these new Conquistadores Los Conquistadores acted nice while at home Madre Mi Madre Mi Padre I know that you're the music and the beauty All I ever do Is to keep the lamp of beauty burning bright to keep it alive Keep the light alive To keep the light alive Keep the light alive That's a light s' gotta live All the people work All the people pray We miss you All the people pray For your safe returning (oh Pablo) Will you, will you, will you, will you, will you please Cast an eye overseas, over there, over there Over there around the Hispaniolas -- si Cuba Hombre Cubano, el comprende como sta? Adios, mi Corazon, Iberia Adios, o' little sons of Iberia Adios, Adios, Adios Adios

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