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So we'll just be the greatest couple that never were -and I won't think we stand a chance if we never did. If you've never been mine, then I guess I can't be losing you: so everything's all right your heart's not breaking, and I don't feel as I do. I know you're suffering I put trouble where there wasn't any. I know what I've done; You know I take your words for use as ammunition. But I do it because I'm scared and searching for ways that lead to you. And I do it because we're in love and it's obvious. It's the rest of our lives that's all you're making a difference to. And it's the rest of our lives I watch unfolding when I know I shouldn't do.

Cuvintele album cuvinte melodiei muzica straina Ammunition. Cantece piesa ultima melodie versuri album versuri melodia cuvintele Trembling Blue Stars asculta.

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