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Huh, æosed to be Land of the free I donæ° see how Count me in Uh Amerika Oh Amerika Ha-Ha-Ha Amerika, AMERIKA Sweet land of liberty yaæ£l Iæ¦ doin this one for the...struggle And every bad doinbrotha Sista,Daddy & Motha Who livin in the gutta You want Betta cars A betta heart Another start Ya own yard And a place to park You wanna Truck and Ri(ride) And a betta li(life) A bigga crib and a home cooked meal EVERY SINGLE NIGHT Hell feel what you Goin through But i coulda warned ya When itæ¯ time to be a man Do all u can See otha lands And donæ° be livin for The otha Man Take time out and settle in be the betta man And closely watch ur friends And then youæ£l understand A lil betta then But on the otha hand You so god damn stubboran (stubborn) And you be startin shit And ever since you made president we ainæ° even seen you since You need to (you need to) Visit our schools Rebuild our church and Home Stop killin my own kind And leave my Earth alone And stop tappin my phone And searchin my broAnd keep your personal feelinsat home When you bendin my chrome Do it fo the Weak and the strong And to each his own We do it for the main goal So when all the..heat is gone [Chorus] This game wasnæ° told to me (Told to me) It was sold to me (Sold to me) And we were never free (No!) No way Not in America (not amerika) Not amerika (Not in amerika uh huh) Our country tis of thee (tis of thee) Land of liberty (Liberty) But thatæ£l never be (Neva be-No) No way, not in amerika -Uh uh not this amerika- Not in amerika (NO) [Society] You only got 2 bucks and you give less then a fuck -- then you a nigga Got a nice home and a Lexus truck -- you a nigga World champions and you MVP -- you a nigga 4 degrees and a Ph. D -- still a nigga To use ur Platinum card you need 4 I.D.æ¯ -- then youæ¯ a nigga If ur skin is brown just like me -- then you a nigga Got a promotion and a FAT ass raise -- you still a nigga You from the islands and ur peoples wasnæ° slaves -- you a nigga No mattah how much yo ass get paid -- you still a nigga Shot by the cops at a traffic stop -- cuz u a nigga Thatæ¯ why i hold toast too I sell bi-coastal International they inter-cathchin you with stellite so in deep space Now...who invented niggaz in the first place? And said Amerika is the original birth place? Who gettin 10, 20 , life on they first case? -My niggaz- [Chorus] Iæ¦ doin this one for the Kids in the street Who ainæ° missed a beat I do it for the Deaf and the blind And those who donæ° eat meat Do it for all the chilæ®en of æ¸a corn And the unborn Do it for the speedy trials And all the lies you done sworn How you gonkeep the man Mr. Crooked ass preacha man? When your whole congregation Drivin a brand new Benz And writin..brand new sins Lyinon a million men And all my brothas, sistas,them daddyæ¯ And them doin time in the pin [Chorus 2x as fading out]

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