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Versuri Abba On The Jukebox

Land's End at dusk A day of churches Her getting her hair cut A windswept walk to Dunnet Head Boarding a north-bound train at Inverness A rainy Cley-next-the-Sea Her swinging on a tyre Me taking her picture A station frozen in time March stars in a Norfolk sky Her sleeping head on my shoulder With the bus heading on And the day-out done A lighthouse sending its light Out across Thurso bay at night To Blakeney Point and back again Walking in the ruins Of Binham Priory Abba on the jukebox at Par Sands A two way trip on the Bodinnick ferry versuri Trembling Blue Stars Abba On The Jukebox. Melodiei muzica album album mp3 muzica straina mp3 versurile cantece melodia ultima melodie versuri muzica melodiei.

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