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Verse One I'm 2 deep and yes much too complicated my lines when stated are quite often underrated so consider it a privilege to hear this those weak-minded opinions could never come near this for my outlook on life is a profound view whil the suckers act down thinking that they sound new only a few sound true me and the crew know who cuz you see me and the fellas have been waiting for a while now giving you the time to get your wack-ass style down you punks pop junk as if life is a fantasy knowing that hard is something you can't be so you front but you could never call my bluff cuz you'll catch hell you'll get dealt with Chorus I never sleep I always peep rhymes creep I'm 2 Deep I'm 2 Deep.... Verse Two I forgive you sike I'm takin' your life cuz you continue to disrespect so I'ma get trife but then again I think I'll spare ya cuz I know tht all it takes one rhyme just to scare ya see I'm the holder of the key don't ask me if I'm Muslim don't say nothin' to me I said I was raised like one son I had two cousins they pushed me to find myself or else they knew I wasn't gonna make it and then end up a statistic my life was twisted I almost missed it the chance yes the chance to make you feel good I used to steal goods and fake my parents out real good but now I got K-N-O-W-L-E-D-G-E of self cuz I'm me and the nation of Islam has my support cuz they try to reeducate the ones who are lost and the 5 percent nation takes other steps to get through to brothers on the corners with the reps and in the prison they give the brothers new visions of how we can gain wealth gain self esteem and dream of a total different scene I dress clean, stand lean say what I mean and I'm out like a scout on a new route exhibitting clout Chorus Verse Three for right now yo my religion is rhyming perfect timing test the flow and climb in Ansaar, Sunnite, Sheite, Jihad all must regard the times are hard unite or perish is the message I cherish that goes for my people of all religions if we're all black why have so many divisions superficial factors are drawing us apart don't let it happen let's put some respect back in so before I act I think cuz it's the brink of destruction word corruption what's up son your gun is just one and I just might have one or two or maybe even three or four and plus an army of 100 or more but violence is never my first choice I come in peace to release the effect of my voice Chorus

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