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Versuri stupid in love

Let me tell you somethig Never have I ever been A zize ten in my whole life I left the engine running So I just came to see What you would do if I Gave you a chance to make things right So I made it Even though Katy Told me this would be nothing But a waste of time And she was right Dont understand Blood on your hands And still you insist On repeatedly trying To tell me lies And i just dont know why Ref: This is stupid I'm not stupid Dont talk to me Like I'm stupid I still love you but I just can't do this I may be dumb but i'm not stupid My new nickname is you idiot That's what my friends Are calling me,they see me Yelling into my phone They tellin'me let go He's not the one I thougt I sow your potential Guess thats what made me dumb He dont want it Not like you want it

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