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Chorus You, it doesn't matter what I say or do Cause every step I take leads to you And now I realize it's true The only love for me is you It doesn't matter how far I roam Cause every road I take leads back home And now the fact is absolute The only love for me is you I thought I needed time and space But baby that was just a front I never knew how much we had Until I almost gave it up I was so blind that I could not see It was all in our history Everything I wanted love to be Had been given to me by Chorus Thank you for being a friend And giving me one more chance I'm so glad you wouldn't let it end And I'm lost within your sweet romance I was a fool to ever let you go Being away made the feeling grow Now all I want to do is show you How much I'm in love with Chorus You opened up the door Showed me what my heart is for And now you're the one I want to be with forever more Baby, baby oh baby it's you, it's you Chorus

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