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Ooh babe, oh girl No more, no more Bounce baby, bounce baby You can move, uh Check it out Baby, relax, sit back and chill (yeah) Just give me a second And let me tell you how I feel Cause all around town you've been steppin' out Runnin' your mouth about What made you think I wouldn't find out? Wasn't I there for you? Truly cared for you Maybe my love was just too good Could've had it good Now the love is gone Cause he hit from the 1 - Does he lace you with the finer things? Does he make ya wanna scream his name? Does he hit it from the front to back? Did you let him break it down like that? Should've told me the love was gone Never thought that you'd do me wrong Girl I though that your love was strong Till I saw you with another man 2 - No more shopping sprees No more late night creeps No more VIP's No more dough We can't even kick it no more Repeat 2 I saw you on the Av and in a Nav In the backseat piece spilling Henney in his lap Thought it was me you was all about But I'm having doubts Cause I see you try-na play me out But when the brother called the crib with beef Didn't I represent you? When I caught him in the streets So let me get the keys to Lex and then my checks And no more hanging brigets around your neck, babe Repeat 1 Repeat 2 (4x) No more, I want no more Baby, I want no more Repeat 2 till end

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