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Well hey you, Mr Torn Jeans Do you think you're mean Well, you cut just as easily As the faggot in the pink Are you ready tonight For the bloody sight Be a good boy, stand up and fight You're gonna die You're gonna die Well hey you, Mrs Big Hair No one really cares And all the boys stop and stare It isn't fair Well, you really look right But we know you're not tight Because you slept with my roommate last night You're gonna die You're gonna die Remember , I'm in you, I'm in you Remember, I'm in you Remember, I'm in you, I'm in you I'm in you Well hey you, Mr Policeman Trying to hold my hand Yeah, we like what you're saying But please get off the band And please don't cry 'Cause you know you can't fly But all you do is sit and get high You're gonna die (5X) I'm in you, I'm in you (4X)

Mp3 muzica straina cuvinte You melodia versuri album descarca descarca Deep Blue Something ultima melodie. Asculta Diverse versuri descarca cuvintele versurile melodia.

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