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Versuri One For Reality

There's this friend of mine Been doing time with the same girlfriend That he's had for far too many of his days It seems with each passing second Her brain lets loose The one screw which holds back the rage Then she screams again, cries again And it loosens a little more It's much more than a single soul can take And when it goes again tonight Well, we all know who she'll blame This friend of mine called last week On a payphone not too far from where he stays It seems she lost her mind again that night 'Cause she screams at him each night Then she runs to him each day And I just wouldn't feel right If I looked the other way CHORUS: So that's one for reality But you didn't hear that from me 'Cause I'll only say it's not true Let me add one more indecency With absolute necessity That she never claimed to be true Neither did you Break up time again And my sister calls on the phone To ask my humble opinion Of just what's going on I said you scream at him each night Then you run to him each day And I just wouldn't feel right If I look the other way CHORUS I hear her side and I hear his I was on the outside, now I'm in this My one word answer could come between them My sister is crying, 'cause I can't decide (REPEAT) CHORUS

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