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Lathered up and weepy, the informant told me, and none too sympathetic that our run would turn. And standing sent to burn in decisions, hard print and whatever. Here they come to register, you might have to get in line and take a number. Yeah, we aim to please! Missing the mark, fall over ourselves to bother. Put out and steely, annoyed and chaining daises, another quick sentence in passing another judge and jury. Its been our misfortune investing, Hasnt return been steady, Complaints have been far and few between. The idiotic, close and many. Please hold the line or try another number. Yeah, we may seem cold but its just because weve been a little snowed under. You cant be serious! Oh lord, and if are please dont ask the same of us.

Blueline Medic mp3 descarca cantece versurile muzica. Melodia Write Us cantece cuvinte piesa muzica straina versuri versuri cantece mp3.

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