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Its almost a shock, this lint I keep dusting off, am I here? Am I being covered up? And after being ripped out from what little wall space I had found. Small charm I was for her? I suppose I had to wear off, see our errands slide through traffic crawl. There hers more than mine if they were ever mine at all but theres nothing I wouldnt do. No trouble ever too much. I'm as happy as a slave, as I can be in a bed apart. Thats why I am here, understand? Hold me, disenchanted as I am. What loyalty wont give me I'm going to take whatever there is in hell I can. Moralise, by all means philosophis but if in turning out to be a lengthy term with her. Why say anything at all to her? A small indiscretion? Is it a break in concentration? I guess theres no nice way to need to say that it ever happened. I can be in this bed apart, was never here understand? Hold me, bastard that I am. What loyalty had got me; I'm going to get whatever there was in heaven she stopped giving me. Look where loyalty has got me. Why should any pretence of a kind be worth keeping?

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