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Versuri Wreckless love

Now red is urgent - green's a letter And the score shows just another spin off Orange jolts, and brown is old Grey is weary - don't touch gold In the fireworks, away from the heat Behind closed doors, away from the street No-one is listening, at least that's what you think There's a slow fuse burning, much faster than you think Like the new look, all that matters Through the lettuce swamp - back in the shadows Purple speaks why - yellow no Silver is wood, and don't touch gold Dance through the coloured razzamatazz Spinning along - desert effect Wreckless love is creeping on you Now watch out, reckless 'Cause wreckless love will drive you crazy Will wear your mind out Creeps up on you when you don't know It will find out Wreckless love, wreckless love Wreckless love, wreckless love Race with my heart to the top of a kiss Drive my desire but take care not to risk Breaking my heart, for it's all that I own All I command - in these times I'm alone Other arms that held me so tight Slip through my mind with you in the night Feelin' reckless, feelin' reckless - wreckless love

Cantece Robert Plant versurile mp3 muzica straina Rock muzica album descarca cuvinte. Versuri versuri piesa Wreckless love mp3.

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