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A fool in love - a crazy situation Her velvet glove knocks me down and down and down Her kiss of fire - a loaded invitation Inside her smile she takes me down and down and down Her moves look good - a touch of desparation From where I stood she turned my head around, round and round It comes kinda hard when I hear your voice on the radio Taking me back down the road that leads back to you 29 Palms - I feel the heat of your desert heart Taking me back down the road that leads back to you Oh, I'm burning in love - a strange infatuation White cold cold touch - what must I do, do, do The heat and the dust increase my desolation In God we trust - always for you, and you and you It comes kinda hard [etc repeated]

Asculta 29 palms piesa muzica muzica straina Rock Robert Plant versuri melodia versuri. album cuvinte cantece.

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