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Versuri Working Girls

Working girls don't stand a chance Typing pools are full deadly fish Office Romeos believe Dictation is the statutory dish Do they want you for your body When you wanna use your mind Every day it's hustle hustle But you're not the pushy kind You worry and wonder when he calls you at five You've got to work late will you get out alive You know what he's after it's always the same And soon you'll be playing the cat and mouse game Working girls they dress to kill Posing for some glossy magazine You know the flashman wants an exposure But your momma says you gotta keep it clean Still you're selling with your body And the camera never lies Every shot is more revealing As your inhibitions die He asks you to stay but you want to decline He leers as he opens another bottle of wine Don't want to offend him your ticket to fame So you play by the rules It's a cat and mouse game Working girls are lost in dreams Buried in a paperback romance Why don't you wake up to reality And watch those fingers at the office dance When you're struggling with your figures Is he studying your form? There's a silence in the boardroom It's the calm before the storm You wanna go home it's been a long day The streets are so crowded and you must get away You'll be back tomorrow He'll call out your name It's business as usual The cat and mouse game Working girls Working girls Working girls

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