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Here on the street Feeling the cool of the dawn Shuffling feet Faces are ragged and worn They've been working all night Waiting for the curtain to rise While you're under the sheets You with the stars in your eyes Letter box noise Snapping the day into life Newspaper boys Cutting the mist like a knife We're beginning to rise Curtain up the drama begins It's the start of the race All of us wanting to win People rushing shouting pushing Got no time for conversation Inner city population The struggle for communication People trying pressure rising Hook and hustle flex your muscle It's all part of living Do you wanna get away Restaurant smells Mix in the heat of the day Telephone bells Kissogram girls on her way Someone's thinking of you Birthday boy is in for a treat And the message is clear Once a year life can be sweet Caught in a flash Cover girl freezes her smile Media trash Blinding the crowd with such style It's a dazzling affair A fantasy to star in your dreams Do you want to believe Everyone knows what they've seen Twilight time in the city And the shutters are down That's when the singles are lost in their doubles The happy hour comes round To help you unwind in the shadows Takes the tension away It's been a hell of a day in the city Now it's your time to play Living under pressure Do you wanna buy a dream? I say Phil can you get it he say Alright alright alright Tell me when can I get it he say Tonight tonight tonight I want money on delivery hey That's right that's right that's right I say baby don't you trust me he say The city's a jungle where the strongest survive Neonic heat Flooding the darkness with light The capitol beats Feeding the pulse of the night It's the music of life Listen to the sound of the crowd Where the rhythm's so strong And the music is playing so loud Where the rhythm's so strong And the music is playing so....

Cuvintele versuri cantece ultima melodie descarca cuvinte 10cc. Versuri 24 Hours muzica straina piesa album asculta descarca album cuvinte asculta melodia.

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