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Closets of my mind destroyed, as I enter outward from a void Corpses white have strapped me down, I rise above then fall Tactual hallucination, cockroaches infest the wall Psychic pain on ice, I hurt Devoid strength my life, inert Anger fills they've shocked me back White corpses turn to black I run on psychic gasoline, my fuel shall burn you all Chorus: Word Salad, no ballad Word Salad, no ballad Diabolic plot, a toy, my brain the corpses to destroy Prick my arm, injection fed, it's poison, I'm no fool Tetanus shot, be sure it's not, I wish I were at school Closets of my mind destroyed, but I enter inward, black void Hatred turns to apathy, led down this dark abyss, Good night, farewell you pig from hell, this world I shall not miss Chorus: Word Salad, no ballad Word Salad Woken up from death, nausea Catatonic stupor, anoxia Remaining still I hold onto a sense of permanence Negativistic fear of pain, algophobic life sentence Moral, physical decay, hatred withered away Scourge of God he makes me pay, I shall not live or die Vegetative judgment passed, my only thought to cry

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