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I dropped out of the rat race I just need a break from it all And now I live in the country With the birds and the trees and these bright white walls Let me introduce you to some friends of mine They're so polite and they dress so fine Sometimes they take me for a walk in the sun I get to play in the grass 'till I'm done Chorus: Brain dance Brain dance This is brain dance watch my brain dance I like to call myself an artist My toe paintings are just the best But when my feet get tired I lose the crayon and get some rest I've got a feeling there's a fish in the floor I better squish it or he'll swim out the door Sometimes they take me for a walk in the sun I see my fish and I have to run Repeat Chorus Rubber shoes, a dirty sock, Plastic toes and it's my pet rock And this song is very silly and it makes no sense at all because it's weird Out of the pan and into the fire and back in the pan again He jumped out of the frying pan, Into the fire and he's back again He jumped, what? yes he's jumped and he's flying through the air He jumped out of the frying pan, into the fire and he's back again Let me introduce you to a friend of mine She's been here for quite some time Sometimes we go out for a walk in the sun To walk with ALICE is always fun Repeat Chorus

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