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Versuri Winning It All

I'm closing up - I'm closing in Couldn't wait for this moment to come Couldn't wait for this day to begin Won't be afraid - got so much pride And I've never been a loser And I just can't lose tonight (Chorus) Winning it all -ain't gonna walk away Giving it all - no matter what you say Ain't gonna fall - don't wanna lose today Winning it all This time it's right - my time has come Gonna give everything that I've got Till it's over and victory's won No second chance - no giving up Because no one remembers a loser And I don't intend to be one (Chorus)

Versuri asculta piesa melodiei Outfield ultima melodie versurile melodia asculta. Winning It All muzica straina piesa asculta ultima melodie versuri album ultima melodie.

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