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J. Spinks Highnoon driver's got a kick tail beater And he rides just as fast as he knows Long shot dealer sold a real fire eater Burning money just as fast as she goes Kid don't care 'cos he can't get enough Easy come - easy go Tells his mama that he ain't living under a stone An' he's ready oh - oh Late night pleaser spends her daytime teaching In the small town missionary hall Back seat teaser never takes any money But her friends make it nailed to the wall She don't care 'cos she can't get enough One way ticket to the ball Tells here mama that she ain't living under a stone One night in the middle of Main Street Riding in a big flash car Sets his eyes on the good time seeker She jumps inside but they go too far Years go by and they've both grown older Kinda' sorry for the things that they did Lookin' back they could have both been something But their caution ran away with the wind Life ain't never been an easy touch They got a house that they can't afford And teenage kids saying they can't live under a stone

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