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written by Leah Andreone and Rick Neigher Feels good To wonder what I'm doing here Feels right Getting smashed with god all night Relax Exploit my mind To each his own king Within his own tribe Define for me free at last We are history They don't want no human contrast They should know Jekyll shouldn't have to Hyde Who are you - who am I Who said I can't alter my mind Who said the puzzle needs each piece Who said say your seven Hail Marys And who are they to say You keep invading me with your Self-righteous camouflage uniform Can't you let me be Who I want to be If I had gills I'd fly You can't tell me what's right If I lose my mind I wonder what I'd gain tonight A lunatic Just livin' a real life Stimulate me try to find me Who would call it sin Every Tom Dick Harry Who said absence makes the heart grow fonder Who said smiling means I'm happy Who said I can't scream for mutiny And who are they to say Who are they to say Chorus

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