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Versuri Problem Child

written by Leah Andreone and Rick Neigher Why won't you pay attention Pray every night I'll make you happy If I'm real bad will you punish me The contact hurts but at least you're touching me Can't you see can't you read please read me please Hard to believe I'm your flesh and blood Watch your mistakes swimming down my face Jump up and down and I'll even fall To your feet you're stepping on me You're hurting me you don't notice me you're hurting me I'm screaming I'm breaking I'm grieving get angry I'm rebelling I'm trying I'm losing be proud of me I'm sickening I'm learning please notice me I'm your baby Am I all you hoped that I would be Must be no boundaries guess no one cares What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine to get I'll make you listen until you're blue The contact hurts but at least I'm touching you I'm raping I'm craving I'm begging get angry I'm weakening I'm regretting I'm sorry be proud of me I'm invisible I'm multiplying I'm pleading I'm killing Am I all you hoped that I would be La la's I'm crippling I'm sobbing I'm degrading I know you want me I'm deprecating I'm demoralizing I'm sad humiliating I'm empty I'm destroying I'm guilty I'm ashamed I'm wrong I know I'm wrong Why won't you pay attention Hung from a rope then you'll know me

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