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Ten coaches roll into the dust Chrome windows turned to rust 'Hand on inside they know they must Hanging on the green backed words In God we trust No one knew if the spirit died All wrapped to go like Kentucky Fried Tring to read the flight of birds Low on fuel, getting low on words and she comes out like a white shadow she comes out like a white shadow Each one drawn to empty spaces Outsiders, borderline cases It's hard to tell black from white When you wake up in the middle of the night Weighed down by the absence of sound Broken now by the cry of a hound Looking for movement withing the haze Light can be deceptive with her rays and she comes out like a white sadow and she comes out like a white shadow she comes out like a white shadow

Cuvintele cuvinte White shadow cuvinte. Peter Gabriel asculta versurile piesa melodia cuvintele Rock versuri cuvinte muzica straina descarca cuvinte versuri.

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