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Met this girl called Josephine and took her up on my machine, We had a little fun, and now we got a little one. Had to get married, being chased out of town. Found ourselves a place to live, we put all our money down. Called it Home Sweet Home, Home Sweet Home, Eleven floors up in a tower block, happy just to have a home. I've gone and changed the lock on our home. Nothing really worked out right; things got broke, they stayed that way. None of our friends came round at night, little Sam got no place to play. "We've got to get out of here, Bill," she said, "I've been telling you all the while," When I came home from work that night, She'd jumped out the window with our child. From our Home Sweet Home, Home Sweet Home. Just a place to take a rest, just a place to make a nest. We call it home. When the insurance money came through, It seemed dirty, didn't know what to do. Took out the cash, went down to the casino, Down on the wheel on a double, And I won, yes I won, like I never won before. Bought myself a country house with an antique carved oak door. It was Home Sweet Home, Home Sweet Home. Just a place to lay our head, think of all the things we said About in our Home Sweet Home.

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